Happy Victory Day!

Nazis capitulated multiple times to Allied Forces 70 years ago. Today, May 9, is known as Victory Day to those Packingtown Review editors and contributors haling from ex-Yugoslavia, ex-Soviet Union, and other places in Europe. One of them is yours truly.

As a shameless dilettante, I spend some of my days playing music (who knows why), and famous Italian Resistance song “Bella Ciao” has been in my repertoire for some time. Back in 1969, the song appeared in the World-War-Two-themed movie Savage Bridge by Hajrudin Krvavac–the pic here is a still from that classic of its genre. hqdefault

Here’s a Soundcloud link for my version, and you can read more about the song there. And elsewhere.

–Nana Zabic


As the unofficial (and nearly only) East Coast Correspondent of the Review…

I also thought I’d post this silly ode I wrote to New England inspired vaguely by poet Kevin Young. Hopefully it will make you laugh.

New England Ode

This affair is kinky.
My masochism, your
rivers, this affair is set
in the side of a mountain
with no name. You never
touch me—the wind of you.
I know the wind. So many
of our great American poets
have died in your arms, drunk
or desperate or both. I did not
intend to get wrapped up
in non-rhotic and closet full
of salmon polos but I cannot
leave you.