Packingtown Review: The Manifesto

We have long joined the struggle to destroy the *imperialist white supremacist capitalist heteropatriarchy.*
We resist sentimental urges of the national and canonical.
We refuse joyless institutional programs.
Non-affiliated and promiscuous, we embrace translation, adaptation, outsider art, and experimentation.
We offer radical solidarity with the subaltern. Skeptical, paradoxical, and always with a sense of humor, we believe that another world is possible.
capitalism hates love

photo from @Xicanisma

 *All glory to bell hooks for this term.

Happy March 8!

It’s the International Day of Women, the first this decade. Volume 13 is our first issue this decade as well.

For the cover, we chose a detail of Christina Jane Tise’s photograph titled “parasit.” The cow, the pine trees, the house are all a bit off-kilter, and that’s how we usually feel.

Come on in and explore the strange sugar feasts and dance parties our contributors have thrown! 


welcome fall, welcome volume 12

by Kameryn Carter

As the editors so vividly described it, this Fall’s issue is “a self driving vehicle.” Packingtown Review has always featured makers who bring with them the images, sounds and experiences of their wide-ranging backgrounds. Volume 12 continues this tradition: each piece grounding the reader in its own strong sense of place and time. History becomes refigured, streets of Brooklyn, Queens, and Colorado mountains materialize in front of us. In this issue, we fall in and out of love, in and out of seasons. This afternoon, Chicago streets are buried under fallen leaves and it finally feels like the season has changed for good. So come join us in traveling to all the worlds Volume 12 contains. Happy happy Fall.